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Burning Stitches

Happy & Salty Slate Coaster

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Add a dash of humor to your coastal collection with the "Seaside Smirk Coasters." These slate coasters, engraved with "HAPPY and SALTY," blend the carefree joy of seaside living with a playful twist. Perfect for those who love the ocean's breeze and don't mind a bit of cheeky fun, these coasters are sure to protect surfaces while provoking smiles and laughter.

Features and Details

  • Witty Design: Engraved with the playful phrase "HAPPY and SALTY" to reflect a beachgoer's spirit.
  • Robust Slate: Made from solid slate, these coasters are built to last and handle any beverage.
  • Protective Backing: Soft pads prevent scratches and keep coasters in place on any surface.
  • Set of Four: Comes as a set, ideal for beach house gatherings or as a fun addition to any home bar.
  • Gift-Ready: A delightful gift for the ocean lover or the perpetually cheerful and sarcastically salty.
  • Eco-Friendly: Crafted with natural materials, these coasters are as kind to your tables as they are to the planet.

Make a splash with "Seaside Smirk Coasters," the perfect blend of beachside vibes and lighthearted living.