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Trace Boards

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Our Acrylic Tracing Boards for kids offer an engaging and interactive way for young learners to practice writing their names, letters, numbers, and shapes. Crafted from high-quality transparent acrylic, these boards are not only durable but also provide a clear surface for easy tracing.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Learning: These boards cater to a wide range of early learning skills. Kids can practice tracing their names, alphabet letters, numerals, and a variety of shapes, making it an excellent tool for developing essential foundational skills.

2. Dry Erase Marker Compatibility: Equipped with a smooth, non-porous surface, these boards are designed to work seamlessly with dry erase markers. Children can write, trace, and draw as often as they like, and it's effortless to wipe clean for repeated use.

3. Improved Motor Skills: Tracing helps enhance fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in young learners. With these boards, kids can refine their writing and drawing abilities while having fun.

4.  Portable and Lightweight: These acrylic boards are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for on-the-go learning or use in classrooms and homes alike.

Acrylic Tracing Boards for kids provide an innovative and creative way for children to explore writing and drawing while building essential skills. Whether at home or in a classroom setting, these boards encourage curiosity and foster early learning in an enjoyable and mess-free manner. Help your child take their first steps toward literacy and numeracy with our Acrylic Tracing Boards today!

The boards will arrive with the masking on them to prevent scratching during shipping.  Marker not included.